is a visual performance of physical theatre in the tradition of white clownery, delicate and refined technique, which has almost disappeared these days.

“... breath-taking flight of the states of mind, which are so rare in our everyday life: a quiet joy...anxious anticipation...”

From the press:

“…through the sharpness and unpredictability of clownery, the viewer has the opportunity to feel and learn the magic of the theatre...”

“...great perception of stage space, amazing staging, precise and tight ensemble, high level of acting, excellent plastic of characters and finally artistic costumes...”


The performance is about the world of Carnival, which exists in parallel to ours. Sometimes time stops and Carnival breaks into our lives. It’s about how one world breaks into a different world and the viewer is able to feel it. In man’s hands magically appear pen and paper and the Muse gives him the desire to write. A hero sinks into the world of images and his fantasies become reality, they get into our world.

This performance has several lines of perception and each viewer is able to see it in his own way. There are beauty, experiences, philosophy, mystical signs and symbols, similar to our everyday life, if you take a closer look at it. Visually it reminds of pictures from the children's book, the action takes from one world to another before it can be noticed.

This performance is suitable for children and adults. This is a conversation about equally important things regardless age and sex.

"Кarnаval" was successfully played on stages in Estonia, Slovenia, Russia and Belarus and on the international theatre festival "Belaya Vezha" (Brest, Belarus) was awarded a special prize of critics.

"Кarnаval" 2015 version.   2.24 min.

video "Кarnаval" version 2013  4.36 min.

"Кarnаval" 2010 version.
3.46 min.

“…a combination of fantasy and dream…“

                               Screen and Stage Magazine