“Giraffe Royal” is specializing in street theatre for over 25 years

  Studying and promoting the traditional act of street theatre as an ancient form of theatre.  The method is based on disciplines of street incorporating skills such as; ritual folk dance foundation, clowning, improvisation and working with the energy of the crowd.

   ...In a modern street theater the main character is usually a crane or a stilts or a fire mask and the costume....

  ...we are studying and promoting the ancient tradition in which an actor is a living person and is a main way for expression...

«Giraffe Royal» theatre have presented its genre at the festival “The Best Street Theatres of the World”.

Theatre’s street play was recognized as an innovation in a culture field on International Innovation Forum "Sib-Altera."

  Street action in the style of medieval theatre combining many elements of fantasy. Elements consisting of acting miniatures revealing the theme of Life, Death and Love hidden behind everyday situations and carnival masks. Creating a performance where the audience is as much of a contributor as the writer in creating what happens.

  Street theatre performances combine traditional procession, work with flags, machetes, areal buffoonery, elements of improvisation, but most importantly - contact with the audience. The main criterion of success is a public feast.

A special trend of the theatre is an inscription of the performances in various spaces.





the Palace




        Fragments of street theater performances "Giraffe Royal"

Tallinn Town Hall Square

Tallinn Old Town

Critics about «Giraffe Royal»:

.. Breath-taking flight of the states of mind which are so rare in our everyday life: a quiet joy... anxious anticipation...

                                                                                                   "Screen and Scene"

... Performance that is etched into our environment under the laws of traditions reveals the ancient art of a street theatre where the buffoons and troubadours talk about eternity without saying a word, turning the any crowd into an appreciative audience. The live contact with the audience, combined with improvisation have made this rare form of art so beloved at all times...


                                                                                                       “ New newspaper”

 the authors say:

- The world is changing together with the street space, rhythm, the way of communication and visual forms. The form of street theatre is also changing.

                 But the core remains the same...


                                                                       This is the essence of our belief...