Theatre style was formed in 90ties - the flourish period of the "movement theatre". It is a combination of the strong acting school with the elements of dance, associative mime, clownery, street theatre, martial arts and the philosophy of Butoh. Theatre have shown own performances and collaborative projects in St-Petersburg, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam, Rome, Brussels, Riga, Tallinn and many more. During its history theatre had chance to work with established artists as Terry Gilliam, Slava Polunin, Andron Konchalovsky and gained some festival awards including Berlinale Golden Bear.

"Giraffe Royal" theatre is unique in their own and unlike anything else, but their work has a common basis, rooted in the mystical tradition of the carnival, which gives incredible inner freedom.

"Giraffe Royal" has been working in the genre of visual theatre for more than quarter century. At the heart of the troupe's creative method is in-depth study of clowning, folklore, pantomime, ritual dance, technical mastery of brandishing swords, street theatre - those rare genres which, embody the profession essence. The combined mastery of this skills together with state of the art modern stage production is the secret of their amazingly strong impact on the public.

Promotional video of the play "Carnival".                Narva, 2010.

"Street way." Tallinn Town Hall Square, 2013. 

video "Кarnаval" 2015 version.

Photo slideshow from play "Diablo". Directed by Terry Gilliam, Israel, 2006.

Short film "Pharaoh", 1999. The joint project of the theater "Giraffe Royal" with the director Sergei Ovcharov. Won the "Golden Bear" at the Berlin Film Festival.

Paris, 1996. Rehearsal hall of the "Théâtre le Ranelagh." Madonna Buglione's lessons. Rehersal of White Clown.
  In the French tradition, the white clownery had its own strict rules. White Clown was able to walk, to stand and to move only in a certain way. Every gesture, every position of hands, feet or body had its value, said Madonna Buglione - a direct descendant of the traditional school. This is the daily training before appearing on stage, the repetition of the standard positions, steps and reactions. The video speed is not accelerated as it may seem. Classical techniques adapted by Stanislaw and created his own image of the White Clown.


Robert Gorodetsky's "Blue Canary" from different years. Amongst them a version adopted by Stanislav for Polunin's "Snowshow".

Fragment from the play "Love". Moscow International Theater Olympics, 2001.

Clown sketch "Knights". Laboratory in Narva Town Hall, 2012.